ZSWOFT’s ZWCAD app is in development for HarmonyOS NEXT platform

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Chinese based CAD software, ZWCAD is in development for HarmonyOS NEXT according to the overseas application engineer at ZWSOFT. What is ZWCAD? ZWCAD is a AutoCAD alternative from US-based Autodesk competing in the CAD software market traditionally on Microsoft Windows platform. With HarmonyOS NEXT one-time development, multi-end deployment on multiple devices as one universal app, including the upcoming PC ecosystem from Huawei that will be powered by the incoming HarmonyOS NEXT software with Kirin PC chips transitioning that is going full steam acceleration after US government recent ban of Intel and Qualcomm chips to Huawei yesterday. Huawei has limited to no choice but to reaffirm it’s PC ecosystem expansion with HarmonyOS as reported by Chinese tech insider bloggers. This puts Huawei in a strategic position to sell it’s software on PC and create an alternative ecosystem led by Huawei and Chinese industries exporting their services not only in Chinese markets but also global markets where Huawei serves. This also, brings competition to Autodesk in a time where consumers are not satisfied with expensive limited license subscription businesses practices from US-based software companies that hold a dominant monopolistic position in software application services. For instance, Adobe with limited license subscription business being challenged by one-off fee Affinity software, British based advanced photo editing application that is recently brought by Australian-based Canva. Huawei’s recent GoPaint app, the Procreate killer app has been released for MatePad tablets on AppGallery. HarmonyOS on PC like core phone and tablet ecosystem, would act as an hub for Chinese software companies to compete in the mainstream software market in PC, phones, tablets and every other core category of computing.

There is no definitive timeframe for this CAD application coming to HarmonyOS NEXT, we suspect launch time or post launch time. More on ZWCAD app development and information will be updated here on this site. We are looking forward to seeing the CAD software in action which would be beneficial for HarmonyOS on PC in Chinese and global markets as new opportunities of usages.

Source: ZWSOFT staff, China