Wukong Image Launches on Huawei HarmonyOS NEXT: Competing with Photoshop, Compatible with PSD, PDF

Yixin Technology has partnered with Huawei to integrate its “Wukong Image” application into the Huawei HarmonyOS ecosystem. The official statement indicates that Wukong Image is a domestically developed professional image processing software independently researched and developed by Yixin Technology, positioned to compete with Photoshop. It is bidirectional compatible with PS file formats, supports full-platform operation, and can serve as a direct substitute. The Wukong Image application has completed adaptation for the HarmonyOS NEXT system and is now available on the Huawei App Market.

Wukong Image is suitable for scenarios such as image editing and processing, creative design, AI real-time painting, and real-time rendering. It supports images up to 5 billion pixels and is compatible with file formats such as PSD and PDF. It also supports functions like generating images from text, generating images from other images, and real-time generation while drawing.

According to Yixin Technology’s official website, the Wukong Image application is already available on macOS, Windows, Kylin, Tongxin, and Zhongke Fande computer systems, and also supports download and use on iOS and Android mobile systems.