WPS Office Completed Development for HarmonyOS Next: Supports Tablet and Mobile Phones, Integrates Cloud Accounts and Multi-Device Collaboration

Huawei held the HDC 2024 Developer Conference on June 21, introducing the HarmonyOS NEXT full-scene intelligent operating system, Pangu Large Model 5.0, the new XiaoYi intelligent agent, and the Cangjie programming language.

During the conference, Qin Huan, WPS Software Architect at Kingsoft Office, also shared the progress of WPS Office’s migration to the HarmonyOS system, stating that WPS now has over 40 million+ lines of C/C++ code, compatible with 6 platforms and 4 instruction sets.

Additionally, Qin mentioned that WPS has completed the development of the HarmonyOS native version, fully supporting operation on HarmonyOS tablets and mobile phones. While the mobile version has just been adapted and still has some issues, the tablet version already possesses almost all the capabilities of the PC version, including office reading and writing operations, cloud account integration, multi-device collaboration, and multi-person editing.

Specific features include:

  • User login and logout
  • Support for cloud document synchronization
  • Support for editing text documents
  • Support for editing and presenting presentation slides
  • Support for editing spreadsheet files
  • Support for collaborative editing by multiple users
User Login
User Account Switch
Word Document Editing
Presentation Editing

Huawei has been working on deploying PC-level application features for tablets, upgrading the PC Application Engine for the MatePad tablet series, and introducing support for PC-level WPS applications. This version of WPS offers full Office application operations, supports account login, cloud document synchronization, and multi-window collaboration. Huawei’s PC-level WPS has recently received an update, adding support for common fonts and USB access and editing.

The Mind Map App Edraw Mindmap also announced at HDC2024 the completion of desktop and mobile adaptations for Huawei’s HarmonyOS NEXT . With WPS completing the development of the HarmonyOS native application, Huawei tablets and PC devices are expected to achieve a more complete desktop-level application experience in the mobile office field.