“Tsinghua-affiliated” ModelBest Partners with Huawei Cloud to Advance Large Model End-Cloud Collaboration Solutions

On June 22 at the Huawei Developer Conference 2024 (HDC2024), ModelBest formalized its cooperation with Huawei Cloud.

In Huawei Cloud’s push for large model end-cloud collaboration solutions, ModelBest is the first partner focusing on terminal-side large models. Together, they will collaborate on the R&D and deployment of these solutions, further reducing the cost of using large models and enhancing response times. By placing large models “closest to the user,” they aim to broaden the application value of large models across various scenarios and sectors.

The core R&D team of ModelBest hails from Tsinghua University’s Natural Language Processing Laboratory. Previously, their open-source model “MiniCPM-Llama3-V 2.5” was reportedly plagiarized by Stanford University’s AI research team under the Llama3-V open-source model.

In April, ModelBest announced the completion of a new round of financing worth several hundred million yuan, led by Primavera Venture Capital and Huawei Hubble Investment, with follow-on investments from Beijing Artificial Intelligence Industry Investment Fund, among others. This marked Huawei Hubble’s first investment in a domestic AI large model company.