The Next name is used for current transition stage. HDC will be brought forward to June 2024 – Insider Report

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New Insider leak report details of how Huawei is planning a large-scale external beta by near the end of this month on March 30 for more phone models and tablets. Open beta of first batches of the product June 30 under the Developer Beta Galaxy Edition version of HarmonyOS NEXT. The new single frame HarmonyOS 5.0 product in September, stock update of the first batch of public beta of mainline HarmonyOS 5.0 compiled builds based on commercialisation public beta to stable Galaxy Edition of HarmonyOS NEXT core operating system outside of developer hands that lands in China probably first. HarmonyOS NEXT streamlines the codebase of Huawei’s operating system as part of the commercial distribution of OpenHarmony in China and as well as mirrored global OpenHarmony version from Europe, Oniro OS compiled on latest major OpenHarmony version since 6th of December, that targets global markets, as well as western markets around Q4 2024- H1 2025 timeframe, post-China launch. Huawei has a Chinese and global strategy with their new OS and ecosystem plans in the coming 12-18 months post EMUI 14 phones and HarmonyOS 4 tablets, wearables, accessories global rollout era.

Huawei recently launched it’s small scale external beta launch in China a slow rollout which began on 18th of Jan at the HarmonyOS Ecology conference and ended on 29th of Feb in rollout for limited Huawei Mate 60 models on those that successfully enrolled into the limited program, used for contractual public registered developers to debug and test native HarmonyOS applications on their phones with API 10 SDK access on the DevEco Studio IDE. Any developer under this program must adhere to the competition rules on app and OS leaks, hence, there’s very limited public information out there for wide leaks on this new version as of yet other than the few leaks on the interface and few apps.

It is revealed that HarmonyOS NEXT will operated silently underneath like Windows NT and Apple Darwin, and not be promoted commercially and only used internally within Huawei, by the time the new version, the successor of HarmonyOS 4 of consumer HarmonyOS operating system is revealed in the summer, in June 2024 at the next Huawei Developer Conference that will be held in China.

e.g. Windows 11 is what people see on their computers. But underneath the codebase is Windows NT version 10.0 with 22000 (21H2/RTM) 22621 (22H2) 22631 (23H2) blah blah blah

e.g. HarmonyOS 5 [5.0/5.0.0] (5.0.0.xx) on top with codebase of HarmonyOS NEXT upgraded version of 5.0/5.0.0 Galaxy Edition underneath going forward.

So HarmonyOS NEXT with upgraded commercial version for internal vendor Huawei built by Huawei themselves is Galaxy Edition under it’s controlled software root stack. And consumers see HarmonyOS 5.0 in front that falls under the single framework of HarmonyOS NEXT retrofitted which is built on top of it’s open source created OpenHarmony China and Oniro OS global/west core inherited by default original LiteOS operating system with basic HarmonyOS codes with no AOSP source code inside, managed by global software industry developer and vendor consortiums outside Huawei’s control.


Sources: X via myplace_myworld from Weibo insider leakers

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