The Cumulative Intelligent Driving Mileage Of Huawei AITO M5, M7, and M9 Vehicles Has Reached 265 Million Kilometers

The 2024 World Intelligent Industry Expo kicked off today in Tianjin, where Zhang Xinghai, Chairman of Seres Group (the partner of Huawei’s AITO car brand), delivered a speech at the opening ceremony.

Zhang stated that Seres adheres to the concept of “software-defined vehicles” and embarked on a high-level exploration of intelligent connected vehicle solutions eight years ago. Three years ago, Seres partnered with Huawei for cross-industry integration, jointly designing and operating to bring users the market-recognized and beloved AITO M5, M7, and M9 vehicles. Moreover, the concept of software-defined vehicles has reshaped the automotive industry chain, particularly in supply chain integration. Previously, there were 300 tier-one suppliers, which has now been integrated into 100, including 20 world-class supply chains.

Zhang also mentioned that Seres has delivered and completed 1.4 million OTA upgrades to users, with updates iterating every five days. As of now, the total intelligent driving mileage has reached 265 million kilometers, with an additional 2.35 million kilometers being added daily. Currently, two-thirds of the AITO M5, M7, and M9 vehicles produced by Seres feature advanced intelligent driving functions, with one-third equipped with assisted driving capabilities. “The penetration rate of new energy vehicles has reached 50%, and the penetration rate of intelligent driving will also rapidly increase.”

According to Seres’ production and sales bulletin for May, the company’s new energy vehicle sales reached 34,130 units, a year-on-year increase of 298.62%, with a cumulative total of 156,823 units for the year, representing a cumulative year-on-year growth of 342.35%. Additionally, the HarmonyOS Smart Mobility Business delivered 30,578 new vehicles in May, with the AITO M9 delivering 15,875 units.

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