Richard Yu : This Year Marks the Commercialization of 5.5G, with Downlink Speeds Increased 10-Fold to Reach 10Gbps

On June 6, 2019, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology in China officially issued 5G commercial licenses, marking the beginning of China’s 5G commercial era. Five years later, the deployment of 5G-A (5G-Advanced, also known as 5.5G) has been fully launched.

At today’s Huawei Developer Conference 2024, Richard Yu(Chengdong), Huawei’s Executive Director, Chairman of the Consumer BG, and Chairman of the Intelligent Automotive Solutions BU, delivered a speech.

He stated that this year is the commercialization year of 5.5G, bringing higher bandwidth and lower latency. The downlink speed has been increased 10-fold to reach 10Gbps, the uplink speed has been boosted to 1Gbps, and the number of connections has reached 1000 billion.

5G-A is the evolutionary technology from 5G to 6G, offering superior network performance compared to 5G, with theoretical peak rates reaching 10G. It features millisecond-level latency and centimeter-level positioning accuracy, and introduces technologies such as integrated communication and sensing, artificial intelligence, etc., to better match applications in vehicle networking, high-end manufacturing, and all-scenario sensing.