Over 30 operating systems based on Harmony in use in China

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Founder of Huawei Technologies Co Ren Zhengfei said that more than 30 operating systems in China are currently developed based on the company’s self-developed open-source Harmony operating system.

Ren made the remarks during a conversation with Liu Yadong, dean of the school of journalism and communication at Nankai University, in July and its script was published on Thursday.

Ren said the 30 operating systems cover areas including industry terminals, smartphones, tablets and home terminals. In total, there are approximately 600 million users of Harmony, ranking third in the world.

Ren also said that there is still a need to learn from the advanced culture of the United States, and the company has never said it aims to beat the US. – China Daily, 22 September 2023

Ren Zhengfei said: There are now more than 30 operating systems in China that are built based on Hongmeng open source.

That is, to develop our own system on the basis of Hongmeng open source. What are they abroad?What I am looking for:

The Eclipse Foundation, Europe’s largest open source organization, launched Oniro, an operating system based on the open source Hongmeng OpenHarmony. Based on the open source operating system Oniro Hongmeng!

Yunnan Transportation Science Research Institute Co., Ltd. based on the open source Hongmeng operating system independent development of Yunjiaolu Hongos release V1.0.0( RoadHomeOS) has become the first Hongmeng release in the domestic transportation industry based on Hongmeng’s latest system.

Orange Pi will launch Orange Pi OS (OH)system, which will be based on the open source Hongmeng OpenHarmony. There are also two operating system versions, including another Android version.

Recently, the number of Android shells sprayed on Hongmeng has become less!!!

Because they worship foreigners have repeatedly admitted:Hongmeng is an independent operating system!!

In the level of deep customisation, OpenHarmony as it’s Oniro OS international kin, sits next to the level of how Unix-like operating systems are customised. From systems to kernel level. Very limited to do that with GNU/Linux OSes, and very impossible to do the level of deep OS system/kernel customisation of AOSP.

Source: Over 30 operating systems based on Harmony in use in China