OpenHarmony 5.0 Beta1 Released: Enhanced ArkUI and Strengthened Distributed Soft Bus

The OpenHarmony community released OpenHarmony 5.0 Beta1 yesterday, which is now available on Gitee.

OpenHarmony is a project incubated and operated by the OpenAtom Foundation, aiming to build a framework and platform for the operating system of intelligent terminal devices for the entire scenario, full connection, and full intelligence era through open source methods.

The OpenHarmony 5.0 Beta1 version continues to improve the standard system capabilities, enhancing the ability to call components through C API in ArkUI, refining life cycle management capabilities in Application Framework, improving the ability to launch and jump applications, further strengthening the connection capabilities and specifications of the Distributed Soft Bus, and enhancing the framework capabilities, video encoding and decoding capabilities, and application capabilities of Media. The media library has enriched usage scenarios, providing a better user experience.

This release overview is in the link below and the English content will be published later on:

Gitee Link

Published on Huawei Matebook 13s