OpenHarmony 4.1 stock UI refinements and upgrades. The road towards HarmonyOS NEXT era

Getting your Trinity Audio player ready...

Images shows off OpenHarmony 4.1 stock preset UI upgrades improvements, which appears to show that HarmonyOS NEXT stuff seeping into open source OpenHarmony with richer ArkUI declarative framework use in system and demo apps, that takes advantage of modified HarmonyOS Design language system for default OpenHarmony Design language system. ArkTS API 11 and 12 are reportedly getting stronger as a result in the documentation and from Chinese developer experience involved with HarmonyOS NEXT third party apps development.

Ability Kit, Accessibility Kit, Ads Kit, ArkData, ArkTS, ArkGraphics2D, ArkWeb component of webview for nweb of CEF Chromium on UI, Asset Store Kit, Audio Kit, AVCodec Kit, AV Session Kit, Background Tasks Kit, Basic Service Kit, Calendar Kit, Camera Kit, Connectivity Kit, Contacts Kit (example shown), Core File Kit…

New stock Phone HAP app UI with upgrade changes that resembles more of HarmonyOS experience.

The Wi-Fi WLAN settings have been upgraded with consistency with commercial HarmonyOS version that shows on the log of OpenHarmony 4.1 release documentation

  • Wi-Fi provides a hotspot type query to check whether the current hotspot is a mobile hotspot.
  • Wi-Fi as a hotspot supports the ability to add connected STA devices to the blacklist.

The Contact HAP app has been upgraded with native HarmonyOS-like experiences that includes the list interface and more rounded icons, consistent UI overall.

The stock Photo HAP app UI have been upgraded with better thumbnail UI utilising G2 curvature alongside with cleaner menu controls, for PC, phone, tablet and development embedded terminals.

The stock Music HAP UI app has been upgraded with updated advanced native ArkUI app controls for OpenHarmony showcasing the G2 curvature thumbnails.

ArkUI list controls updated with the circular thumbnail icon use featured around the system.

Refined Compact call interface on OpenHarmony 4.1, in line with HarmonyOS consistent design that shows the Answer, Decline circular buttons, alongside ability to message and put a reminder on the Call ID. Taking advantage of the increased ArkUI advanced declarative controls with the OpenHarmony Design language, derived from HarmonyOS Design language, across the system, including system stock apps which is more pronounced in 4.1 than previous versions of OpenHarmony.