OpenAtom Linux-based OpenEuler native AI server OS is updated to the latest 24.03 LTS

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OpenAtom Linux-based OpenEuler server OS is updated to the latest 24.03 version with Long Term Support (LTS). It is reported on IT Home that, it is the first AI native open source operating system, has been updated and released. This version has been upgraded in four aspects: infrastructure, Linux 6.6 kernel, intelligent solutions, and full-scenario experience. The openEuler software center was released for the first time, and the kernel was upgraded to Linux 6.6.

In terms of infrastructure, the openEuler Software Center was released for the first time to help users quickly grasp the software ecology in various fields of the openEuler community. It helps developers monitor the updates of upstream software in real time and keep features consistent with upstream software in real time.
In terms of kernel, it has been upgraded to Linux version 6.6, and at the same time, it has contributed capabilities such as dynamic composite pages, and the write performance has been doubled.
In terms of intelligent solutions, openEuler has upgraded its intelligent solutions and connected to oeAware, A-ops, and A-Tune through the large-model natural language interaction platform to achieve intelligent scheduling, intelligent O&M, and intelligent tuning. At the same time, openEuler supports southbound hardware more extensively, and covers mainstream large models, frameworks, and toolchains, enabling full-stack AI, supporting inference and retrieval algorithms such as Faiss and DCN, compatible with AI frameworks such as OpenViNO and Pytorch, and enabling basic algorithm libraries such as Numpy and ACL.
In terms of all-scenario experience, openEuler improves server, cloud, edge, and embedded scenarios. In a server scenario, sysSentry can detect 100% of known CPU failures; In the cloud scenario, memory tidal scheduling improves container speed by 80%.

openEuler community officially said that in the past four years, the system has been downloaded in 2,037 cities in 153 countries around the world, with a cumulative installed base of more than 6.8 million units. According to IDC’s research report, the openEuler operating system has a market share of 36.8% in the new server operating system in 2023.

At present, the four architecture images of openEuler 24.03 LTS, ARM, x86, RISC-V, and LoongArch, are simultaneously launched on the official website of the community, 37 mirror sites around the world, and the distribution channels of mainstream cloud vendors. At the same time, a total of 12 partners, including Kylinsoft, UnionTech, Kylin Xinan, China Mobile Suyan, China Telecom e Cloud, China Unicom Digital, iSoftStone, Runhe Software, Ningsi, Super Fusion, Zhongke Fangde, and Chinasoft International, will release commercial releases one after another.

Source: IT Home (China)