Official Global OpenHarmony in the form of Oniro OS is coming to third party smartphones and smart things near you worldwide

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Eclipse Foundation led Oniro OS at GOSIM Europe 2024, has laid out plans to strategize in it’s 2024 roadmap and rollout a plethora of internet of things devices, including a smartphone partnered with vendors with the Mobile and IoT strategy.

Oniro will be ported to German-based Volla phone in the future and also developer from Italy on former Firefox-based FinnOS project has plans to switch to a mixed forked OpenHarmony/Oniro side which is the perfect candidate as the official developer phone for the operating system platform which has been previously rumoured from an insider. Volla phones that are made in Germany, the company brand line already does AOSP and Linux Ubuntu Touch operating systems for their devices, in the niche developer friendly and consumer experiences that don’t want Google ecosystem in their digital lives. OpenHarmony is a perfect fit for their long term strategy.

Oniro is the European independent fork of Openharmony hosted by Eclipse Foundation. Volla phone is a Germany phone manufacture which can support lots of open source systems. Openharmony is the open source HarmonyOS hosted by OpenAtom Foundation where Huawei’s own HarmonyOS NEXT system stack will share this full OpenHarmony codebase on it’s custom real time proprietary operating system for HarmonyOS alongside it’s future PuraOS on Pura line interconnected IoT ecosystem devices. The App & Web track at GOSIM Europe ended with an informative talk by Oniro PM Juan Rico sharing their 2024 roadmap.

What does it mean for developers and vendors? It means European app developers can develop apps for HarmonyOS. After European app developers finished HarmonyOS Next edition internally as it goes public beta in June at Global HDC 2024 for developers worldwide. Huawei’s HarmonyOS Next will enter Europe at the same time. Oniro, Openharmony and HarmonyOS Next can share same app ecology. Many European and global app developers can’t get a phone for Openharmony. Soon, they can that runs on Oniro, the European fork of Openharmony, on EU/German made Volla phone.

We at HarmonyOSHub will exclusively keep track of interesting developments from Oniro OS team at Eclipse Foundation in Belgium with teams across Europe in collaborative development with Huawei, in the coming months this year and into the new year going forward post-Android and Windows world within Huawei’s shared OS and ecosystem initiatives.

Source: Twitter/X and Telegram via GOSIM event at the Netherlands, Europe