Noxhi N18 Smartwatch Launched: OpenHarmony Based, HiSilicon Solution

Noxhi HarmonyOS smartwatch N18 has been launched, featuring a HiSilicon solution and built-in smart voice assistant functions. The official price is set at 1299 yuan ($180), with an introductory price of 499 yuan ($70).

The Noxhi N18 supports dynamic watch faces and AI personalized watch face switching; it comes pre-installed with a voice assistant that supports queries on various topics such as life encyclopedias, scientific knowledge, language translation, song playback, and game strategies.

The Noxhi watch N18 uses the HiSilicon W610 smart wearable solution, built on the OpenHarmony system. The official states that it meets the compatibility list of OpenHarmony 3.2 Release version; the watch is equipped with a 60Hz refresh rate 1.43-inch AMOLED screen, resolution of 466×466, PPI326, brightness of 600nit, and supports 16.7 million colors.

According to the OpenHarmony official website, three LQ series sports watches passed the evaluation on May 31, with the operating system version number being OpenHarmony 3.2 Release, and the system type being a lightweight system.

The Noxhi N18 watch features an integrated NFC module, supporting bus card swiping, offline payment, and access control swiping even when powered off; the watch supports satellite positioning and 5ATM+IP69K waterproof and dustproof, suitable for cycling and swimming scenarios.

The watch supports downloading and installing applications from the app store, providing games and navigation apps.

Previously, HiSilicon Technologies Co., Ltd. announced the launch of the W610 OpenHarmony smart wearable solution (referred to as HiSilicon W610), which has been commercially implemented by Shenzhen Lingwei Innovation Technology Co., Ltd. (referred to as Lingwei).

The solution is based on a dual CPU+GPU+DSP 4-core architecture, 26Mb+128Mb storage, GPU technology supports AMOLED 16.7 million colors and MIPI 60 frames of operation, and possesses capabilities such as Gaussian blur, infinite second hand, vector text, vector maps, and Bezier curves.