Next-Gen Cloud Server: Huawei Cloud Flexus X Instance

Huawei Cloud has officially introduced a new concept in cloud computing products called “Flexible Computing Power” – the Huawei Cloud Flexus X instance. This innovative cloud service is based on the QingTian architecture, YaoGuang cloud brain, Pangu large model, Euler operating system, and other technologies.

It is the industry’s first application-driven flexible computing power cloud server, primarily targeting common workload scenarios in industries such as high-tech, retail, finance, and gaming, including network applications, databases, virtual desktops, analytical indexing, microservices, CI/CD, and more.

Moreover, the flexible configuration of computing power aligns business with actual computing needs, significantly reducing costs during actual business use. Huawei Cloud also provides flagship-level instance reliability for Flexus X, with the same single AZ availability reaching 99.975% and cross-AZ availability reaching 99.995%. Additionally, there are multiple versions of host security services to ensure overall host security.

Huawei Cloud also offers practical guidance and expert support, greatly reducing the deployment time for enterprise applications, enhancing deployment efficiency, and providing the lowest TCO costs. Through the Migration Center MgC, Huawei Cloud helps enterprises efficiently calculate costs and provides efficient migration services, quickly migrating business from other cloud computing platforms to Huawei Cloud for testing and deployment, thereby better controlling costs.