NearLink Alliance releases NearLink 2.0 standard series

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On April 1, 2024, yesterday reported on IT Home, on March 30th, 2024 Zhou Wei, Deputy Director of Expert Committee for International StarLight Wireless Short-Range Communication Alliance, also known internationally as NearLink Alliance, also known as SparkLink Alliance in China, the cosortium released the NearLink 2.0 series standard, fully supporting native audio and video, human-computer interaction, and positioning applications

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In 2023, the International NearLink Wireless Short-range Communication Alliance obtained the registration certificate of social organizations issued by the Ministry of Civil Affairs. This is an important milestone in the development of Starlight Alliance. The number of members of the Alliance has expanded to 935.

According to the introduction, the NearLink standard 2.0 series standard completes the NearLink end-to-end protocol system, provides a more complete communication base and richer application standards, and fully supports NearLink native audio and video, human-computer interaction, and positioning applications.

Released the standard of NearLink Digital Car Keys. Huawei, BYD, Changan, GAC, and FAW participated in drafting the standard

Smart Vehicle Connected Industry Ecology Alliance (ICCE Alliance), together with the International Starlink Alliance, jointly released the Digital Vehicle Key System (Part 6) of the Smart Vehicle Industry Ecosystem Alliance during the 2024 International Starlink Alliance Industry Summit. NearLink System Requirements (hereinafter referred to as: Star flash digital vehicle key standard).

The introduction of this standard is another important achievement of ICCE alliance in the field of digital vehicle keys after NFC digital vehicle keys, BLE digital vehicle keys and UWB digital vehicle keys, representing the new direction of the development of digital vehicle keys in China.

According to reports, NearLink technology is a new generation of wireless short-range communication technology developed and released by NearLink Alliance, NearLink car key is one of the applications of NearLink technology in the automotive field. The NearLink technology has the advantages of high positioning accuracy, strong anti-interference capability, high security, long connection distance, and low power consumption. It meets the service requirements of the digital vehicle keys and provides users with convenient, stable, secure, and intelligent experience.

1) More accurate: The positioning accuracy of the star flash car key is within 0.6 m, and the identification error inside and outside the car is within 0.2 m. The traditional problems such as ping-pong and penalty stand can be eliminated, meeting the experience requirements of the intelligent access system.

2) More secure: The Starflash implements a security mechanism on the bottom link. It uses the TOF technology to obtain the true distance and obtains the accurate distance through phase difference measurement to resist the attack of sending false signals through signal amplifiers.

3) More stable: The high bandwidth and polar coding provide a more stable experience. The performance is better in complex signal environments, such as underground databases. The anti-interference feature ensures connection stability. The anti-multipath feature ensures the experience in different environments.

4) Further distance: Improves long-distance connection and accuracy, discovers vehicles earlier, and allows sufficient time for interaction between the vehicle and the key, providing more accurate judgment capabilities, ensuring consistent experience of the intelligent access system.


The International StarLight Alliance released the StarLight 2.0 standard, adding 21 new items, completing the StarLight end-to-end protocol system, providing a more complete communication base and richer application standards, and fully supporting StarLight native audio and video, human-computer interaction, Positioning, and other applications. Starlight 1.0 standard architecture, the Starlight 2.0 standard is integrated with a fixed sensor network and Starlight 3.0 standard full scenario interconnection.

More details: “Starlight Commercial · The 2024 International Star Alliance Industry Summit was successfully held in Shenzhen


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The domestic Starlink digital car key standard was released, and Huawei, BYD, Changan, GAC, FAW, etc. participated in the drafting – IT Home, China, 1st April 2024