More fresh leak on HarmonyOS for PC on Chinese TikTok

Exclusive first look at HarmonyOSHub – Fresh leak from a Chinese Douyin account that shared a possible HarmonyOS PC leaked interface experience that is in testing mode that showcase the full fledged desktop out of the box experience from setup of updates, languages to logging the account on an alleged Huawei MateBook 13 (not sure if it’s 2020 or 2021 model) that was booted out of the install but it is showing that this system can run on Intel Core x86 chips after seeing OpenHarmony being ported on x86 Intel PC in adaptation last year publicly on February 2023 during OpenHarmony Developer Summit. The timing is suspect, due to what it looks like an imminent push ahead of next month or later this month at OpenHarmony Developer Summit on PC push with the first beta1 of OpenHarmony 5.0 among other core fundamental changes of the operating system ahead of HarmonyOS NEXT Beta at HDC 2024. We hope to get a glimpse of HarmonyOS PC powered by OpenHarmony-based HarmonyOS NEXT base later in the month or late next month. We will continue to give anticipated users updates in the coming weeks and month.

Source: Discord/Chinese TikTok (Douyin)/Weibo