Leju KuaFu Humanoid Robot Showcased at HDC 2024 with Huawei Cloud PanGu Embodied Intelligence Large Model

The Leju KuaFu humanoid robot made its debut this afternoon at the HDC 2024 Huawei Developer Conference, equipped with Huawei Cloud’s PanGu embodied intelligence large model.

During the introduction of the PanGu embodied large model, Zhang Ping’an, Huawei’s Executive Director and CEO of Huawei Cloud, demonstrated to the audience the potential of the KuaFu humanoid robot with the PanGu embodied intelligence large model in industrial and household scenarios, and engaged in a high-five interaction with the KuaFu humanoid robot.

On June 22, Leng Xiaokun, Chairman of Leju Robotics, will deliver a keynote report titled “Building a ‘Humanoid Robot +’ Open Ecosystem Platform, Creating a General Embodied Intelligence Solution” at the PanGu Embodied Intelligence Large Model Special Forum; on June 22-23, the KuaFu humanoid robot will appear in the HDC exhibition area to showcase cooking skills and interact with the audience.

Leju Robotics officially revealed that they have already achieved generalized operation of humanoid robots with a small sample size and have conducted tests and scenario validations in industrial and household settings. The research and development process has established a workflow for data collection, cloud training, and deployment reasoning of humanoid robots, forming a series of toolchains.

In the household scenario, the two parties use common household chores such as stir-frying and sweeping as typical cases to coordinate smart home devices to execute tasks together. Taking the automatic stir-frying task as an example, under the PanGu embodied intelligence large model’s embodied Agent framework, the robot can autonomously complete the entire process task from scene understanding, natural language instruction recognition, task planning embodied planning, to bimanual coordination, autonomous execution, and generalized operation embodied execution.