INT SIG launched the development of HarmonyOS native applications, CamScanner is one of them in the works for HarmonyOS NEXT

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On January 16, 2024, the “HarmonyOS Cooperation Signing and Scanning Almighty King HarmonyOS Native Application Development Launching Ceremony” (hereinafter referred to as the “Signing Ceremony”) was officially held. INT SIG has reached a HarmonyOS cooperation with Huawei, and CamScanner will officially launch HarmonyOS native application development based on HarmonyOS NEXT. The two parties plan to build applications and services on HarmonyOS based on Open Harmony, and work together to bring users a better service experience and achieve a win-win business situation.

At the signing ceremony, Zhang Sijian, Vice President of Global Ecosystem Development and Sales of
Huawei Device Cloud Service, said:

“With the advantages of HarmonyOS such as one-time development
and multi-terminal deployment and native intelligence, it can not only effectively reduce the development cost of CamScanner’s HarmonyOS native applications, but also better help CamScanner achieve a
smoother, smarter, and more secure user experience.”

CamScanner is an intelligent scanning and text recognition app, which has served hundreds of millions of
users in 200 countries and regions around the world since its release in 2010. CamScanner’s scanning and
image processing functions can turn mobile phones and tablets into portable scanners, turn documents in complex scenes into PDF files or pictures with scanner effects, and further recognize them as text, so as to realize convenient management of document assets, including value-added functions such as archiving, searching, sharing, and multi-terminal synchronization. The product currently supports document recognition in 41 languages.

In terms of Al technology research and development, software and hardware product layout, CamScanner’s breakthrough actions have attracted the attention of the industry. In August this year, CamScanner took the lead in releasing the “Intelligent HD Filter” function based on the Al-SCAN intelligent scanning engine, which can automatically detect problems in the image and determine the optimization method of the image, so as to realize one-click full processing of interference factors such as blur, shadow, finger, and screen grain. In November this year, CamScanner launched the A4 portable printer, which is one of the smallest and lightest A4 portable printers on the market, meeting the needs of users in the whole cycle from document scanning to printing.

Zhen Lixin, Chairman and General Manager of INTSIG, mentioned that the goals of HarmonyOS and CamScanner coincide in terms of continuous optimization of user experience. With HarmonyOS’s distributed technology and multi-device collaboration capabilities, CamScanner HarmonyOS native apps will establish a seamless file sharing channel for multiple devices, such as mobile phones and tablets.

The HarmonyOS system is designed with the user’s habits and needs in mind, so that CamScanner can provide users with a more professional and efficient experience in terms of scanning experience and running speed.

Source: Juejin/Zhihu Chinese blog from INT SIG PR press