Industry shift in the global app economy. The NEXT strategy for global developers is the third horse race

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What’s NEXT for developers?

Recently, some bloggers in China posted a picture of the HarmonyOS NEXT real machine. Show the operation interface of the new system. The blogger also said that the native Android app in the new version is no longer available, “If there is a lot of local data, such as WeChat chat, note-taking software, you still have to give a solution, otherwise even if it can be re-pulled from the cloud, the user experience is too poor.”

HarmonyOS NEXT, also known as “HarmonyOS Pureblood”, abandons the traditional AOSP code, which not only reduces the redundant code of the system by about 40%, but also significantly improves the smoothness, energy efficiency, and security features of the system.

HarmonyOS NEXT interface. Previously, Yu Chengdong, CEO of Huawei’s Device BG, announced at the Huawei HarmonyOS Ecosystem Spring Communication Conference that the developer preview version of HarmonyOS NEXT HarmonyOS NEXT is officially open for application. Huawei HarmonyOS NEXT will launch a developer beta program in Q2 (Q2). According to the latest news, the commercial version of HarmonyOS NEXT is expected to be officially released in the fourth quarter of 2024.

At present, Huawei is actively promoting the adaptation of HarmonyOS native applications to ensure a seamless transition of user experience, and the number of top-level applications that have adapted to HarmonyOS native applications has exceeded 4,000. However, considering that WeChat and other national-level applications have not yet announced the progress of adaptation, many people believe that there may still be differences in user experience between the beta version and the initial commercial stage.

After the launch of the latest HarmonyOS NEXT interface, many people thought that it was too similar to Apple’s iOS interface and lost the style of the HarmonyOS interface, while others thought that if HarmonyOS NEXT was not compatible with Android apps natively, then there would be many small apps that would not work, which falls short.

Industry shift in the global app economy. The NEXT strategy for global developers is the third horse race

It has to be said that with the continuous advancement of HarmonyOS NEXT, Huawei has not only demonstrated its strength in independent R&D in terms of technology, but also demonstrated its determination to open up and cooperate in ecosystem construction. The industry expects HarmonyOS NEXT to provide users with a richer, smoother, and more secure intelligent ecosystem experience, as well as a new innovation platform for developers around the world. With the continuous growth of the HarmonyOS ecosystem, Huawei is gradually realizing its strategic goal of all-scenario smart life, which is worth looking forward to.

Source: Weibo