Increased Performance Without Price Increase: OrangePi AIpro / Kunpeng Pro Development Board Upgraded from 8T to 12T Compute Power

OrangePi officially announced today that the compute power of the OrangePi AIpro/Kunpeng Pro can be increased from a maximum of 8TOPS to 12TOPS.

Previously, OrangePi upgraded the firmware to increase the main frequency of the development board from 1.0GHz to 1.6GHz. The official Unixbench benchmark test results for the OrangePi AIpro are as follows:

Single core score
Quad core score

At a main frequency of 1.0GHz, the single-core score of the OrangePi AIpro averaged 590.6, and the quad-core score averaged 1932.9. After increasing the CPU frequency to 1.6GHz, the single-core score of the OrangePi AIpro averaged 911.9, and the quad-core score averaged 2909.5.

After the main frequency was increased, the single-core test score of the development board CPU improved by approximately 54.4%, and the quad-core test score improved by approximately 50.5%.

Significant improvements after upgrade

This time, the OrangePi AIpro / Kunpeng Pro development board’s 8T compute power upgrade to 12T still uses a firmware upgrade method. Users can update the Ascend310B-firmware package and reboot to take effect.

The compute power range of the OrangePi AIpro after the upgrade is between 8TOPS and 12TOPS, and there may be slight differences in the specific performance of individual chips.

According to the introduction, the OrangePi AIpro is the industry’s first AI development board based on Ascend chip research and development, which can be used for image recognition, speech recognition, microbial recognition, etc. It supports applications in AI edge computing, deep visual learning, and video stream AI analysis, video image analysis, natural language processing, and other artificial intelligence fields.

The OrangePi Kunpeng Pro development board is pre-installed with openEuler, openGauss, and DevKit, supporting the full-stack native development of Kunpeng. It supports the implementation of computer organization principles, operating systems, and other experiments in universities. The official stated that the Kunpeng Pro can meet the needs of most AI algorithm prototype verification and inference application development.

Source: IThome