In Peru, stock of Pura 70 Pro has been exhausted

Outside of China, Pura 70 has also been sold out in Peru already on May 24th, Latin American country after going on sale by the company. It has been the first breakthrough of global sales since US restrictions on Huawei handsets components. It is the beginning of a new chapter for the company to return to it’s glory pre-sanctions 2018-2020 peak as it was under the once Android platform.

In China, domestic first launch where Huawei launched the Pura 70 series under the Pioneer Plan, a month prior around April 24th with the Ultra and Pro models sold out within one minute of going on sale. The demand was so high that even offline stores in China were crowded with eager consumers.

Experts predict that if pricing and production remain favourable, the Pura 70 series could exceed 10 million units in sales this year.

Source: Telegram