Huawei’s Self-Developed Cangjie Programming Language Launched On Developer Website, First Integration into the HarmonyOS Ecosystem

Prior to the HDC 2024 Huawei Developer Conference, Huawei’s self-developed Cangjie programming language has officially been unveiled, with the Cangjie website now live.

The website introduction states that the Cangjie programming language is a new generation of programming language designed for all-scenario intelligence, emphasizing “native intelligence, inherent all-scenario capabilities, high performance, and strong security.” It is integrated into the HarmonyOS ecosystem, providing developers with a superior programming experience.

The Cangjie programming language has several key highlights:

Native Intelligence: Embeds an AgentDSL programming framework, organically integrating natural language and programming language; multi-Agent collaboration, simplifying symbolic expressions, freely combining patterns, and supporting the development of various intelligent applications.

Inherent All-Scenario: Lightweight and scalable runtime, modular layered design, capable of fitting into even the smallest memory; all-scenario domain extensions, metaprogramming and eDSL technologies, supporting declarative development for specific domains.

High Performance: The first full concurrency GC for terminal scenarios, smoother application threads, and faster response. Lightweight threads offer better concurrency performance and lower overhead.

Strong Security: Security DNA is integrated into language design, helping developers focus on business logic without having to devote too much effort to defensive programming, ensuring that coding is inherently secure and vulnerabilities are non-existent.

In addition, the Cangjie programming language development documentation has been released, including the “Cangjie Programming Language White Paper,” “Cangjie Programming Language Development Guide,” and “Cangjie Programming Language Language Specification.”

  • Huawei Cangjie Programming Language Website

  • Huawei Cangjie Programming Language Website Doc:

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