Huawei’s RedCap Industry Summit: Driving 5G IoT Expansion and Creating a Billion-Level Connection Ecosystem

Huawei hosted a “RedCap Industry Summit” on June 14 at the Huawei Suzhou Research Institute, with the theme of “Expanding 5G IoT to Create Hundreds of Millions of Connections.” The conference aimed to further promote the innovation and development of 5G technology.

Huawei officially stated: “After two years of innovation, RedCap has shown vigorous development in the vast Business and Consumer markets such as video networking, vehicle networking, industrial energy, and consumer sectors, and its comprehensive capabilities and cost-effectiveness have been highly recognized by industry customers, operators, and the industrial chain. ‘Expanding 5G IoT to Create Hundreds of Millions of Connections,’ the RedCap Summit sincerely invites industrial organizations, industry experts, ecological partners, and media professionals to visit Suzhou, jointly create industrial prosperity, and share the industrial dividends.”

RedCap (Reduced Capability) is the English abbreviation for lightweight 5G terminal technology, which reduces the bandwidth by decreasing the number of terminal antennas to achieve lower costs and lower power consumption. Compared to the high bandwidth of eMBB (enhanced mobile broadband technology) used in current mobile internet, which brings faster transmission speeds but also higher power consumption, RedCap focuses more on industrial-grade requirements such as energy consumption, latency, and stability (such as smart factory networking, intelligent connected vehicles, and personal small terminal products). In the future, if 4G is phased out like 3G and 2G, RedCap 5G will be an excellent alternative, and its importance is self-evident.

Objectively speaking, Huawei is building the HarmonyOS ecosystem for connecting everything, and the development of network technology is crucial in this process. Therefore, Huawei has been promoting the innovation and development of 5G technology and has achieved good results in multiple related fields, including the IoT sector. The further development of RedCap, this new 5G technology, will also play a positive role in advancing the connection of everything in the HarmonyOS ecosystem.