Huawei’s new tablet, which will be released soon on May 7th, will come with self-developed painting software, “Born to Paint”

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Huawei’s new tablet, which will be released soon on May 7th globally in the company’s Dubai event called Innovative Product Launch, will come with a self-developed painting software, “Born to Paint” which is Huawei GoPaint app on HarmonyOS 4.2 version firmware upgrade. This software will bring a series of powerful painting functions. Huawei has specially joined hands with top professional teams to create this software, which brings rich brushes and may be equipped with a variety of efficient tools to enhance the painting experience. This software is also very friendly to people with zero foundation, and a full set of software tutorials are specially launched. Everyone can gradually master advanced painting skills in practice. With this software, everyone is an artist.

Previously, in the offline course of Born to Paint in Huawei Academy, I shared a lot of practical tips with everyone. I believe that with this application, more friends can try to get started with tablet painting. What other super-real and easier-to-use surprise experiences can this software bring us? Let us wait and see.

MatePad Pro 13.2 Air Gesture will be launched soon, and the Born to Draw App will be the first batch to adapt to 4.2 system tablets.

It is not only a new App, but also the result of deep collaboration between software and hardware. The experience is very advanced. More importantly, it is particularly friendly to people with zero basic knowledge and fills in the shortcomings of professional painting software in the ecosystem.

The innovative product launch event on 7th of May at Dubai will showcase new Huawei wearables, new Huawei MateBook series and new MatePad series.

Source: Weibo/X, GSMArena, PRNewsire