Huawei’s Most Advanced Intelligent Driving: Qiankun ADS 2.0 Upgrades to ADS 3.0 Without Hardware Replacement

At the 16th China Automotive Blue Book Forum, Huawei’s Intelligent Automotive Solutions BU CEO, Jin Yuzhi, stated that upgrading from Huawei Qiankun ADS 2.0 to ADS 3.0 does not require hardware replacement.

Jin mentioned that after Huawei released ADS 3.0, users who had adopted Huawei’s intelligent driving were particularly concerned about whether models purchased two or three years ago, such as those with 1.0 or 2.0, could be upgraded. Firstly, ADS 3.0 will be commercially available on the Stelato S9 this year, and then in Q4 of this year and Q1 of 2025, older models will be gradually upgraded.

“For any models that have used Huawei’s intelligent driving in the past, there is no need to replace the hardware; your existing vehicle can continue to be upgraded to ADS 3.0,” said Jin Yuzhi. “From this perspective, we are providing significant protection for vehicles that users have already purchased. Using Huawei’s intelligent driving not only maintains value but may also appreciate in the future. Qiankun intelligent driving leads by a step and continues to lead.”

We noted that at Huawei’s Intelligent Automotive Solutions Conference on April 24th, Huawei unveiled a new brand of intelligent automotive solutions focused on intelligent driving — namely “Qiankun”, and released ADS 3.0. ADS 3.0, based on ADS 2.0, has achieved modelization of decision-making and planning, laying the foundation for the continuous evolution of the end-to-end architecture.

Source: IThome