Huawei’s medium to long term plans for HarmonyOS PC applications ecosystem

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In the medium and long term, it has forced Huawei to change its own platform from an optional option to a required option using the App Store distribution model with AppGallery as primary source for PC apps and games such as Mac App Store which has over 31,000 apps as of 2022 via Forbes and Microsoft Store model which as of October 2023, has over 800,000 apps according to Windows Report. Fortunately, for HarmonyOS powered PCs, originally planned to launch this year in September, and even more fortunately, this year’s top 5000 application migration which you can read more on progress since last month, April 2024 at Hongmeng Ecology event in China. According to the plan on Weibo:

The plan can basically be successfully completed, but it is nothing more than the completion of all migrations in the third or fourth quarters. As long as the Top5000 application is successfully implemented, Hongmeng PC will inevitably be more competitive than traditional Xinchuang PC. The remaining thing to consider is to control the production capacity of the mobile terminal and the PC terminal under the limited production capacity.

With the professional application ecology of PC. On the one hand, in fact, large companies or university institutions still choose more. Other brands of computers with higher configurations or customized by themselves, Huawei computers are not used in a high proportion of professional office fields.,
It is more mass-market design and drawing software such as Adobe and CAD, which should have the greatest impact. But when the original Hongmeng equipment is increased in volume, the market will force the software company to make a choice. Now PC Hongmeng Blindfolded in the gaps in professional design software, can you support yourself? Do you want to be a watcher or accompany Huawei into the game?, Go to win or Mac or three points in the world. If you can’t do it well, you will be out. If you do it well, your own company will definitely be there. The development of domestic professional software has left a lot of ink and put it away.

Source: Weibo