Huawei’s masterplan for global HMS devs apps on GMS issue with HarmonyOS NEXT APIs revealed via Open Mobile Hub

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According to Wikipedia on Linux Foundation projects which Huawei with it’s Futurewei US R&D subsidiary is a platinum member of the organisation, initiated the Open Mobile Hub (OMH) ecosystem initiative launched in September 2023 is a open source services framework platform designed to simplify and enhance mobile app development across diverse environments. OMH streamlines app development by providing a single set of APIs that can support any AndroidiOS and HarmonyOS device with OMH plugins to support account login systems, mapping services systems, and wide range backend services creating greater compatibility and interoperability of apps by developers.

With return of HDC.Europe and Global things will be clearer

Europe: Huawei Developer Conference is scheduled for November 1-4, 2022 – HU (

Huawei’s masterplan for global HMS devs apps on GMS issue with HarmonyOS NEXT APIs revealed – YouTube

The return of global Huawei Developer Conference this year, HDC 2024. The world premiere, grand event for global developers – HarmonyOS NEXT: Hongmeng Galaxy Edition official launched Beta, June 2024 | Dongguan Songshan Lake

HMS ecosystem: 5.4 million developers, 203,000 HMS Core Apps

July 2022

It means newer and future phones will get apps that are compatible that used to be on “GMS” Android again as native HarmonyOS apps on HarmonyOS (not EMUI) converted from Google APIs where authentication/login, maps and location, cloud & backup like WhatsApp and Mobile Ads and other APIs are not a problem in ports of global apps. This happens when newer/latest high end EMUI users upgrade to HarmonyOS NEXT. This tool will target primarily HMS developers that have published on AppGallery, 220,000 apk apps, as well as Linux Foundation to iOS, Android developers that will use this special tool that may port to HarmonyOS. As well as Eclipse Foundation, using Oniro OS to target Android developers who are on Android, that have GMS apps.