Huawei’s Largest Global R&D Center “Lianqiu Lake” Fully Completed in Shanghai

According to relevant media reports, on July 9, 2024, Huawei’s Qingpu project in Shanghai has been fully completed and officially named the Huawei Lianqiu Lake R&D Center.

Inside the R&D center, the “Lianqiu Lake R&D Center” zone identification signs have been fully installed. The center is divided into multiple areas, with internal roads, mini trains, and elevated interchanges all connected; bridge projects spanning Lianqiu Lake, such as the Moon Bridge, Rainbow Bridge, and Arch Bridge, are in the final stages of construction; landscaping work in the corners of the park is also nearing completion, and Lianqiu Lake has begun to fill with water.

Public information reveals that Huawei Lianqiu Lake R&D Center project is located in Xiecun Community, Jinze Town, Qingpu District, and is expected to be operational this year.

The Huawei Lianqiu Lake R&D Center covers an area of 2400 acres, with a total construction area of 2.06 million square meters, and an investment exceeding ten billion yuan. Upon completion, it will become Huawei’s largest global R&D center, gathering diverse functions such as corporate office, R&D pilot testing, technology incubation, production services, and supporting residential facilities, creating a comprehensive industrial community.

From the conceptual planning diagrams, it can be seen that the entire Huawei Lianqiu Lake R&D Center will be centered around the water system, creating 7 distinctive building clusters, including Square Town, Urban Blocks, Mountaintop Settlements, Forest Town, Urban University Courtyards, Urban Classic Axes, and Water Towns, connected by mini trains and scenic loops.