Huawei’s Jin Yuzhi: Hopes Chinese Government to Open High-Speed L3 Autonomous Driving by Next Year(2025)

The 16th China Automotive Blue Book Forum for 2024 is ongoing , with Huawei’s Intelligent Automotive Solutions BU CEO, Jin Yuzhi, attending and delivering a speech.

Jin stated that there is currently a strong emphasis on L3 autonomous driving in China. By June of this year, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology has announced the first batch of nine car manufacturers entering the L3 pilot program. From this year to next year, formal road testing will commence. “We hope that L3 can be commercialized as soon as possible, and we hope that by next year, at least on the highways, it can be fully opened to allow users to use it with confidence. In this regard, I think everyone has stayed at L2 for too long, and in fact, our ‘L2’ has far exceeded the capabilities of current L2.”

Jin revealed that he drives nearly 100 kilometers from commute every day, covering both highway and urban road conditions, and can drive very comfortably on the highway. “Every day on the highway, my hands are very relaxed. Regulations do not allow for hands-free driving, so I just rest my hands on the steering wheel, and there’s no need to drive so tensely. I make three phone calls along the way, arrange a lot of work, and significantly improve work efficiency.”

Additionally, Jin addressed recent rumors about the “independence of Huawei’s Intelligent Automotive Solutions BU”: Whether it becomes independent or not is led by the company as a whole. “Whether independent or not, the positioning of the Car BU from the beginning to now has remained unchanged, which is to become the intelligent platform for Chinese automotive products and the global automotive industry. This positioning has never changed.”

According to previous reports, Huawei’s Executive Director, Consumer BG Chairman, and Intelligent Automotive Solutions BU Chairman Yu Chengdong, in his speech yesterday, mainly discussed the cost, product planning, and other topics of the HarmonyOS Smart Mobility. He stated that they are temporarily not considering launching cars priced under 200,000 yuan(30,000$) because “they currently do not have the capability to achieve a cost below 200,000 yuan.”

Source: IThome