Huawei’s AI large model Wensheng diagram demonstration is suspected of being “faked” by netizens: official response for context

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At the Kunpeng Ascend Developer Conference (KADC) 2024 held on May 10 last Friday, there was a technical seminar for developers. Huawei demonstrated the large model mxRAG SDK function, claiming that it only takes ten seconds with just a few lines of code, you can complete the development of RAG applications. During this period, when Huawei was demonstrating the large-model Vincent diagram function, it pressed the ‘Crtl + C‘ shortcut key to interrupt, and the code of ‘time.sleep(6)‘ was displayed.

Some netizens explained that this is to pause for 6 seconds, then read a body image prepared in advance and display it. It is said that someone checked the time from input to output, which is exactly 6 seconds.

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In response to this, Huawei Ascend Community said: “The on-site pictures are generated in real time, and the open source large model is called. There are expressions such as time.sleep(6) in the code, which are commands waiting to read the pictures generated in real time by the external open source large model, not Retrieve the preset images. The codes shown here are all real and will also be made available on the Shengteng community. Developers are welcome to use it and make valuable suggestions.”

As of now, the Shengteng community has not publicly released the source code for display.

Source: Weibo