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Yu Chengdong said Hongmeng ecosystem devices exceed 800 million 180 devices can be upgraded to HarmonyOS 4.2 in succession. At today’s Huawei press conference, Yu Chengdong announced that the number of Hongmeng ecosystem devices exceeded 800 million, and the brand awareness of Hongmeng was 88%. Huawei said that 180 devices can be upgraded to HarmonyOS 4.2 in succession, covering mobile phones, tablets, watches, smart screens, etc. One month after the upgrade was opened, the number of users who upgraded to HarmonyOS 4.2 has exceeded 20 million, and user satisfaction has increased by 11%.

180 Huawei devices will be able to upgrade to HarmonyOS 4.2. As of April 11, 20 million users have already upgraded to HarmonyOS 4.2. 180 Huawei devices will be able to upgrade to HarmonyOS 4.2. As of April 11, 20 million users have already upgraded to HarmonyOS 4.2.

The new sunglasses of Huawei Smart Glasses 2 can also avoid the trouble of wearing headphones separately. The single product that can take pictures and listen to music at the same time has finally appeared.

One picture will show you the Huawei Smart Glasses 2 square frame sunglasses, which are outstanding in appearance, excellent in material, open to listen, and convenient for life.

Huawei’s self-developed painting software is now open for public testing# Huawei’s MatePad Pro 13.2-inch Roland Purple tablet is officially released, and it is the first to be equipped with the GoPaint App. Huawei has teamed up with a number of painting masters and art talent teams from the China Academy of Art to create tools such as master brushes, customized colour cards, and professional painting tutorials, and to create a better painting experience with the tablet’s narrow-edge large-size screen and the Star Flash stylus. This self-developed painting software has now officially been launched for public testing.

Yu Chengdong talks about the top imaging of Pura70Ultra

At the Huawei press conference, Yu Chengdong talked about the imaging system of Huawei pura70 series. Ultra-high-speed flash shooting, ultra-focus macro, full-focus ultra-clear imaging, realistic portraits, etc. Huawei pura70ultra features ultra-focus telescopic camera; 1-inch large-bottom sensor, ultra-large light intake and also Huawei’s self-developed imaging algorithm and telephoto macro are indeed far ahead.

As reported earlier, Huawei HarmonyOS Next introduces a new feature similar to Apple’s super resolution, which first uses the GPU to render low-resolution images, and then uses the NPU processing power to upscale them to a higher resolution, thereby significantly reducing GPU power consumption and load.

Huawei MatePad Pro 13.2 inches, let everyone become an artist. GoPaint App cooperates with China Academy of Art to create a rich variety of professional brushes, as well as exclusive realistic canvas, Fangtian painting engine, willow leaf pen, etc., opening a new era of digital creation.

Huawei’s “Born to Draw” GoPaint App starts public beta testing today, and the official version will be released in the third quarter of this year.

2024.05 Open beta:
HUAWEI MatePad Pro 13.2 inches
HUAWEI MatePad Pro 11 inches 2024 models
HUAWEI MatePad 11.5″S

2024.06 public beta
HUAWEI MatePad Pro 12.6 inches
HUAWEI MatePad Pro 12.6 inches 2022 models


2024.Q3 official version released
HUAWEI MatePad Pro 11 inches
HUAWEI MatePad Air

2024.Q4 official version
HUAWEI MatePad 11 inches 2023 models
HUAWEI MatePad 11
HUAWEI MatePad 2023 models

Huawei MatePad Pro 13.2 inches, the industry’s first flexible OLED tablet, 94% ultra-high screen-to-body ratio, Star Flash stylus with ultra-low latency, HarmonyOS’s outstanding productivity efficiency, Roland Purple dreamy and elegant, AI remote control, and easy switching with a wave of the hand.

Huawei held a summer all-scenario new product launch conference today and released the new Huawei Watch Fit 3, an entry-level smart watch for young people. It will be upgraded again in terms of fashionable appearance, sports and health, and smart experience, bringing a more fashionable and trendy life experience.

Huawei MatePad 11.5″S Chinese version released,

Configuration parameters:

  • Chip: Kirin 9000S1 (Kirin 9000W);
  • 11.5s processor is Kirin 9000WL
  • Screen: 11.5-inch 2800×1840 LCD screen, supports 144Hz refresh rate (30-144Hz adaptive refresh), screen ratio 3:2;
  • Camera: 8MP front, 13MP rear single camera;
  • Battery life: 8800mAh battery, supports 22.5W fast charging, compatible with 18W fast charging;
  • Others: 6.2mm thick, 510g weight, 3 colors of space gray, frost silver, and violet, supports Wi-Fi 6, Bluetooth 5.2, USB 3.0, dual microphones, four speakers (supports HUAWEI Histen 9.0), supports connecting to Star Flash standard accessories (HUAWEI M-Pencil The third generation, Huawei Smart Magnetic Keyboard), equipped with HarmonyOS 4.2 system.

Huawei MatePad 11.5”S, 144Hz high refresh rate, 2.8K high-definition resolution, equipped with a new cloud-clear soft light screen, using three innovative technology bases of screen technology, display system, and perception science, 27-layer optical architecture, to build a new sensory experience.

A touch of dawn, light and beautiful. HuaweiMateBook X Pro’s new colour, dawn pink, combines the morning glow and oriental charm; 980g micro-velvet metal body, 40W performance release, light and powerful in one hand; flexible OLED primary colour screen, full-scene AI experience, unlimited inspiration.

Huawei MateBook 14 is equipped with a 2.8K OLED screen that can be handwritten and touched. It supports 120Hz high refresh rate, so you can annotate as you like and enjoy silky smoothness; it can achieve 1.07 billion colour display and high colour accuracy, and accurately restore colourful colours. horizon.

Huawei’s soft light screen has been upgraded to “Cloud Clear Soft Light Screen”. Huawei MatePad 11.5″S is the world’s first tablet product equipped with Cloud Clear Soft Light Screen.

Through the combination of nano-etching technology and nano-magnetic control coating technology, 99% of the ambient interference light on the tablet surface is effectively eliminated, the screen transmittance is increased to 95%, and the surface has a super-hydrophobic and oil-resistant film layer.

Huawei MatePad 11.5”S, Cloud Clear Soft Light Screen, anti-glare and more eye protection, paper-like writing.

HarmonyOS 4.2, efficient and convenient. Huawei Notes is equipped with PC-level professional applications, and Xingshan Learning Partner helps paperless learning experience.

Thin, light and comfortable in summer. #HUAWEIMateBook#14 has a thin and light design with a new field green color scheme, which makes it look good no matter how you look at it; equipped with a Core T™ Ultra high-performance processor, multi-tasking is faster; Huawei Pangu large model empowers, AI summary accurately refines key information; 70Wh large The battery life is longer and you can use it anytime and anywhere.

Yu Chengdong to come out and share some selling points of Huawei’s Pura70 series, so Ajiao also came to chat.

When Mr. Yu mentioned the Pura70 series, he specifically emphasized the selling point of the ultra-high-speed Fengchi Flash Shooting. As the old saying goes, the strength of this technology lies in its outstanding capturing ability. It does not need to turn on any “flash mode”. It can be used simply by turning on the normal mode, which means it can be used in the background at any time. This is the true meaning. Snap shot.

As for Pura 70 Ultra, it has a large amount of light and is very high. The telescopic design can change the design of insufficient parallel light, which is also a relatively clever technical consideration.

The second generation of Huawei’s wireless mouse supports Starlight connection and is priced at 199 yuan.

It seems that the MatePad 11.5S will replace the MatePad 11. The price of MateBook 14 has indeed increased after changing the mold and screen. The U5+32G version costs 7399 yuan ($1024), which is not cheap. Dawn fans’ X Pro is bundled with U9’s top configuration, it is worthy of being the flagship.

The Matepad 11.5s charger comes with 66W fast charging, but comes with a 22.5W charger in the box.

Huawei Watch Fit 3 equipped with a 1.82″ ultra-thin and large screen, which is more outstanding without fear of strong light; 26g watch body, 9.9mm body, lightweight and more comfortable; new scientific fat reduction function, accurate calculation of calorie gap; intelligent exercise recommendation, easy Start a healthy life! Super long battery life, up to 10 days of use, and smart experience is always online.

Huawei Kids Watch 5 Pro with Blue and Powder Pink is the first to be equipped with the offline positioning 2.0 function, which can be positioned even if there is no network or power off for 5 days; it supports anti-addiction protection, which is purer and safer; it has high-definition dual cameras and is full of childlike fun; it is the first in the industry to obtain the China Quality Certification Center Children’s watches with “Children’s Safety Guardian Certification” keep your guardian online at all times.

Warm nebula colour scheme, silky mist with delicate touch. A picture will show you the HUAWEI FreeClip ear clip headphones in a new warm nebula colour. Put them on and instantly start your C-position sports life.

One picture shows you how to use the Huawei Smart Screen, Huawei Vision Smart Screen 4 to unlock hundreds of cool ways to play with the “giant screen phone”. Huawei Vision Smart Screen 4 SE, the best player in the living room, enjoy 4K super screen projection at will.

Huawei Vision 4 Smart Screen 4 SE released,
55-inch price: 2699 yuan (initial price 2499 yuan) $346.11,
65-inch price: 3299 yuan (initial price 2999 yuan) $415.36,
75-inch price: 4499 yuan (initial price 3999 yuan) $553.86;
Upgraded self-developed large-core chip (2A73 + 2A53), 3+32GB storage combination, support AI camera, 4K super projection, dual 120Hz smooth eye protection, full-screen design.

Huawei Vision 4 Smart Screen 4 Released, 65-inch selling price: 5499 yuan (starting 4999 yuan) $692,

The 75-inch price is 6999 yuan (starting 6499 yuan ($900),

85-inch selling price: 9999 yuan (starting 8999 yuan) (nearly $1.2k dollars);

Support Huawei rhinoceros pointing remote control, Al super-sensing camera, 4K super screen, 240Hz swan image quality;

Huawei all-in-one magnetic mobile power bank
Wired power 30W MAX
Wireless power 15W MAX
Rated capacity 3300mAh
Cannot be directly magnetically attached to the back of a Huawei phone
(Pura70 series phones do not have magnets)
Need to be used with a magnetic phone case
369 yuan (nearly $55 dollars)

Huawei Whole House Intelligence | Reshaping Care with AI

Huawei’s new whole-house smart products:

  • Huawei AI-assisted health care sensor
    Price 1,399 yuan ($193)
    Millimeter wave radar monitoring
    Sleep detection
    Fall auxiliary detection
    Bed-fall auxiliary detection
  • Huawei ultra-thin ceiling speaker
    Thickness reduced by 49%
    4.5-inch full-range speaker unit
    Dual bass enhancement unit
    1-inch adjustable tweeter unit

Huawei Whole-house Smart AI-assisted health care sensor, new generation ultra-thin ceiling speaker, new generation smart lighting and other new products, reshape care with AI; at the same time, Huawei’s whole-house smart future home, variable space and other works pay tribute to the times, bringing a new experience of spatial intelligence!

Starting from 4799 yuan ($664), Huawei Nova 12 Ultra Starry Edition is on sale. It is learned from Huawei VMall that Huawei Nova 12 Ultra Starry Edition is currently on sale in the mall, providing two storage versions of 512GB and 1TB, priced at 4799 yuan ($664) and 5599 yuan ($775) respectively, and will go on sale at 10:08 on May 17, in two days.

New Huawei MateBook X Pro pink colour scheme called new ‘Dawn Pink’ shade, priced at 15699 yuan ($2,174) with the pink Huawei mouse 229 yuan ($31).

So this is the highlight of Huawei 15th of May event today in China.

Source updates: Weibo/X/Telegram/HC Newsroom