Huawei Reveals September Release of the Luxeed R7 Coupe SUV

On June 14, it was reported that during the China Automobile Blue Book Forum held this morning, Richard Yu , Executive Director, Chairman of Consumer BG, and Chairman of the Intelligent Automotive Solutions BU at Huawei, took the stage to speak.

Yu revealed that the first Coupe SUV under the HarmonyOS Smart Mobility brand, the Zhijie(Luxeed) R7, is expected to be launched in September 2024. Like the Zhijie(Luxeed) S7, this vehicle is co-developed by Huawei and another carmaker Chery.

According to Yu’s recent teaser, the “R” in the new car’s name stands for Revolution, symbolizing “breakthrough and subversion.” “The Zhijie R7 adopts a new Coupe SUV design with a stylish and dynamic sloping back, and its interior space will exceed everyone’s expectations! Coupled with Huawei’s leading smart technology, the Zhijie R7 surpasses traditional luxury car brands in product strength! It offers consumers in the era of smart travel a better new choice for Coupe SUVs, and is worth looking forward to!”

Auto blogger on Weibo @Sun Shaojun09 previously stated that the new car will use the same design language as the Xiangjie S9(Stelato S9) and the Wenjie M9(AITO M9), equipped with Huawei’s latest ADS 3.0 intelligent driving system and the “Tuling” platform, and the new generation of HarmonyOS cockpit “advanced technology” is likely to be equipped. Its positioning will be just below the Wenjie(AITO) M9, with a predicted price range of 300,000 to 400,000 yuan.(43,000 to 57,000USD).

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Source: IThome