Huawei Releases HarmonyOS NEXT New Star Shield Security Architecture, Prohibiting Opening 9 Types of Unreasonable Permissions

At the Huawei Developer Conference 2024 event held this afternoon, Huawei released the new Star Shield security architecture for HarmonyOS NEXT.

Under this architecture, code and applications that do not meet security requirements cannot be listed or installed. Collaborative data sharing among multiple users is controllable, with end-to-end data encryption across multiple devices, and hardware-level one-document-one-key encryption for individual devices. The new architecture supports system-level file encryption sharing, independent of applications, unrestricted sharing channels, and supports various file types.

In addition, this architecture prohibits the opening of 9 types of unreasonable permissions, reducing the risk of privacy leaks from the source. For example, whether to allow “XX” to read the list of installed applications (for migrating application data), whether to allow “XX” to create desktop shortcuts, whether to allow “XX” to access information (read text messages/multimedia messages), etc.