Huawei Qiankun ADS Receives June Update: Intelligent Parking Perception for Low Obstacles, Traffic Light Countdown in Navigation Map

Huawei Qiankun ADS has received an update in June, supporting features such as intelligent parking perception for low obstacles and traffic light countdown in the navigation map.

After this update, the Huawei Qiankun ADS intelligent parking perception accuracy has been improved, supporting the identification of low obstacles such as rear steps and flower beds, to avoid collisions.

The vehicle navigation map has added a traffic light countdown feature, allowing for advance acquisition of traffic light changes on planned roads. It should be noted that this feature is not covered at some intersections.

The ADS 3D view has been optimized, supporting detailed display, able to distinguish between large and small irregular vehicles, and display them on the 3D view.

Additionally, when users activate the Sport + mode, the ADS 3D view will switch to a purple interface effect (this feature is limited to the AITO New M5 Max RS SUV, Luxeed S7 Max RS Sedan, and Luxeed S7 Ultra Sedan).

The Huawei Qiankun ADS parking image and panoramic image interface support the option to toggle the rearview mirrors. During parking, if the system determines that the vehicle is too close to an obstacle or parking in a narrow space, it will automatically fold the rearview mirrors; when the user wants to view the rearview mirrors and judges it to be safe, they can click to open the rearview mirrors.

When the car is in reverse gear, the system will default to opening the APA intelligent parking interface. Users can switch the default opening interface to the AVM panoramic image. The steps to do this are as follows: Enter Huawei Smart Driving on the center console → Auxiliary Driving → Panoramic Surround View

After this update, a new seatbelt vibration reminder feature has been added to the car cabin. When using intelligent driving functions such as NCA, if scenarios such as lane line loss occur, in addition to displaying a “Please Take Over Immediately” warning on the instrument, the system will also vibrate the seatbelt to remind the driver to take over.

The official stated that this feature upgrade is for the Avatr 11, and the AITO M9 already supports this feature.