Huawei Mate70 Series Latest Rumors Wrap-up

Rumors suggest that the upcoming Huawei Mate70 series may undergo a name change as it debuts as the first generation of purebred HarmonyOS smartphones.

Conceptual Renderings of Mate 70

The series is expected to further increase its domestic component rate, featuring a completely independent HarmonyOS that breaks away from Linux and ASOP while incorporating Huawei’s new generation of proprietary Kirin chipsets. The aim is to build an ecosystem akin to Apple’s, ensuring smooth performance, security, battery life, and AI capabilities.

The imaging capabilities of the Mate70 series are touted to be the best in the past three years for the Mate line. A significant enhancement in video shooting performance is expected to be a major selling point. The design of the camera module will reportedly maintain the circular deco, with the mid-to-high-end models featuring the OV50K sensor, a 1/1.3-inch sensor. The top-tier model may sport either the OV50X or OV50N, a 1-inch large sensor coupled with a retractable lens. The entire series is expected to come with a variable aperture and periscope telephoto capabilities.

All models in the Mate 70 series will adopt a quad-curved screen design, with the pro and above models featuring a 6.8-inch display and the standard one around 6.5 inches. The processor, tentatively named the Kirin 9100, is said to be equivalent to a 5.5-nanometer process, with benchmark scores potentially reaching 1.1 million, rivaling the Snapdragon 8G1. Moreover, the power consumption is expected to be lower than that of the Snapdragon 8G1.

The unlocking solution for the Mate70 series is rumored to be unconventional, with speculation about a 3D structured light under-display unlock, a proprietary wide-area ultrasonic fingerprint sensor, or a side-mounted fingerprint reader. The battery capacity is expected to be 5200mAh, and the series will introduce the next generation of satellite communication technology.

The release date for the Huawei Mate70 series is anticipated to be later than last year’s models, with an expected launch in late September or early October. This series marks a significant step for Huawei as it introduces the purebred HarmonyOS, aiming to compete with the industry’s leading ecosystems.

We will continue to monitor the news regarding the Mate70 series and keep you updated in due time.

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