Huawei Lingxiao Sub-Mother Router Q7 NearLink Edition Exposed: 2.5G Network Port + Wi-Fi7, to Be Launched in Q4 This Year

The Huawei Developer Conference 2024 is currently underway, and a blogger has exposed a Huawei Lingxiao Sub-Mother Router Q7 NearLink Edition, which is expected to be launched in Q4 this year.

Summary of Product Features:

  • Easy Installation: Mother router configured in 3 steps, sub-router plug-and-play
  • Faster Speed: 2.5G network port + Wi-Fi7, whole-home speed over 2G
  • Connect More: NearLink supported, compatible with all Wi-Fi devices, supports over 400 devices
  • Child Care: App-level management, allows WeChat/QQ homework submission, prohibits games, prohibits payments
  • NearLink Health: Connects NearLink/Bluetooth sensors, cares for family health, such as temperature and humidity sensors + air conditioning partner to create a constant temperature room
  • NearLink Monitoring: Connects sensors/camera mini door locks, monitors family members, safer and more durable
  • NearLink Advantages: Coverage distance 50% longer than Bluetooth, can penetrate walls; interference resistance 3 times that of Wi-Fi; device access 3 times that of Bluetooth, device collision probability 5% that of Wi-Fi

For reference, the Huawei Lingxiao Sub-Mother Router Q6 was released in March 2023 along with the Huawei P60 series phones, available in two versions: power line and network line, priced at 899 yuan and 1699 yuan respectively.

The Huawei Lingxiao Sub-Mother Router Q6 is equipped with Huawei’s patented Lingxiao PLC technology, which can turn power lines into network lines, with a backbone network speed of up to 1300Mbps. In addition, the Huawei Lingxiao Sub-Mother Router Q6 also features the HarmonyOS smart network, supporting features such as one-touch internet connection, child internet care, and network visualization intelligent diagnosis.