Huawei Launches Cangjie Programming Language Developer Preview Beta Recruitment

Huawei’s self-developed Cangjie programming language has officially been unveiled today, and the company has announced the launch of the Cangjie Language Developer Preview Beta Recruitment.

This upgrade is a preview for developers to experience the new version, providing a Cangjie language SDK, developer guide, and related DevEco Studio plugins for developers to use the Cangjie language to develop, debug, and run HarmonyOS Next applications.

  • Registration Period: June 21, 2024 – October 21, 2024
  • Application Requirements: This HarmonyOS NEXT Cangjie language developer preview beta recruitment event is only open to the following developers for registration:
  1. Have completed real-name authentication on the Huawei Developer Alliance;
  2. Have filled out the application information for the HarmonyOS NEXT Cangjie language developer preview beta recruitment event;
  • Supported Running Devices: Only supports the HUAWEI Mate60 Pro ALN-AL00 model, with plans to support more device forms in 2025.
  • Waiting for Review Results: Starting from June 21, 2024, when the event begins, developers who have passed the review will be notified of the review results and download information in succession, with an estimated completion of all reviews by the end of October. The official will gradually open up spots within a month after the start of the Beta test.

Huawei stated in the developer Q&A that applications already developed do not need to be redeveloped in the Cangjie version. The HarmonyOS operating system supports high-performance interoperability between the Cangjie language and the ArkTS language. In the future, developers can, based on the business scenario needs, choose to use the Cangjie programming language or ArkTS for incremental development for new business parts, depending on the specific scenario. It is recommended to prioritize the Cangjie language for scenarios with high throughput/high-frequency read-write data processing, high-frequency interaction high-load scenarios, and scenarios sensitive to startup latency.

HarmonyOS NEXT Cangjie Language Developer Preview Beta Recruitment Registration Address: