Huawei July New Product Launch Exposed: Including Sound Joy2 Portable Speaker, MatePad SE Tablet, and More

Weibo Blogger @Uncle Kanshan today exposed some of Huawei’s new products scheduled for release (or launch) in July:

  • Sound Joy2 Portable Speaker
  • Sound X 4 Speaker
  • Maimang 30 Phone (expected to be sold via Huawei Smart Selection)
  • MatePad SE Tablet
  • Smart Screen S5 Pro
  • Lingxi Remote Control Kit for Smart Screen S3 Pro

The Sound Joy2 Portable Speaker is two years past the release of its predecessor. The first-generation Huawei Sound Joy, a Devialet-branded speaker, boasts powerful sound with four units, a 26-hour battery life, stereo surround sound connectivity, and IP67 certification, priced at 999 yuan(150$).

The Sound X 4 Speaker is three years past the release of its predecessor. This product is the first Devialet co-designed three-way smart speaker, with high, mid, and low-frequency units capable of independent sound production, equipped with the HarmonyOS 2 system, priced at 2199 yuan(300$).

Additionally, the MatePad SE new product has previously been exposed, expected to be equipped with a Snapdragon 685 processor and a 7700mAh battery, featuring a 1920×1200 resolution 120Hz refresh rate screen, running the HarmonyOS 4.2.0 version system.

China Telecom’s new TYH641M phone has now passed the MIIT network access license, certification information shows it will be equipped with a Qualcomm 5G platform and 40W fast charging, likely to be named Maimang 30, sold through Huawei’s Smart Selection method.

source: Weibo