Huawei is only one step away from national production with it’s latest Pura 70 flagships

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It has been reported as of April 28, that Huawei’s new flagship mobile phone Pura 70 series triggered a rush to buy after it was launched. All major channels are out of stock, and the secondary market is frantically selling at a higher price.

According to reports, the teardown report of overseas institutions shows that more than 90% of the key components of Huawei Pura 70 models are supplied by mainland companies except for the highest-end models, which is only one step away from 100% national production.

According to a teardown report by Fomalhaut Techno Solutions, Huawei’s Pura70 Ultra only uses Sony components for the main camera, while the core processors, panels, chassis, batteries, lenses, heat dissipation, acoustic components and other components of the Pura70, Pura70 Pro, and Pura70 Pro+ models are almost fully localized. It is reported that the main suppliers of Pura 70 series include: covering OFILM, Lens Technology, Goertek Acoustics, Changying Precision, Sunny Optics, BOE, Crystal Optoelectronics and other enterprises.

At present, except for high-end processors that are limited by the wafer process (Kirin 9010) and high-end main cameras, Huawei has almost achieved the goal of “national production” of smartphone manufacturing. In the future, the full localization of mobile phone manufacturing is an inevitable result. Third-party organizations estimate that Huawei’s smartphone shipments this year will be 50 million units, of which the sales of the Pura 70 series are expected to exceed 10 million units.

From there Huawei is on it’s way to going global with it’s complete hardware and software supply chain with the new 2024-2025 season from it’s upcoming next Mate and 2025 Pura flagships and beyond.

Original Source: Huawei’s Pura 70 parts are 90% locally manufactured: national production is only one step away