Huawei Introduces Rollback Verification for HarmonyOS NEXT Beta

The Huawei Developer Conference 2024, scheduled from June 21 to 23, will feature the debut of HarmonyOS NEXT (Galaxy Edition) and Pangu Model 5.0, alongside the commencement of Beta testing for HarmonyOS NEXT.

Notably, the digital blogger “Dingjiao Digital” has highlighted that Huawei has implemented rollback verification for HarmonyOS Next to version 4.2 of HarmonyOS. This feature, a staple in Huawei’s system design, serves as a “regret medicine” by allowing users to downgrade back to the stable version of HarmonyOS 4.2 after trying the Galactic Sea Beta.

This rollback verification empowers users to confidently explore the beta version, with the assurance that they can revert to version 4.2 if the new features do not meet their expectations. Additionally, the blogger mentioned that users can utilize the cloud space to back up certain apps.

The HarmonyOS Next Edition, dubbed the pure-blood version of HarmonyOS, stands out with its full-stack self-developed system foundation, which eschews traditional AOSP code in favor of exclusively supporting HarmonyOS kernel and system applications, thereby boosting system fluency and security.

Crucially, the pure-blood HarmonyOS will only support the Hap(aka Harmony Ability Package) format installation package, indicating that the system will not be compatible with Android applications, marking a significant shift in Huawei’s own software ecosystem.

source: Weibo

Published on Huawei Matebook 13s