Huawei Introduces HarmonyOS NEXT Full-Scene Features, Claiming Consistent Experience Across Multiple Device Types

At the Huawei HDC 2024 Developer Conference, the full-scene experience of HarmonyOS NEXT was officially unveiled. The system continues Huawei’s feature of “one system for different devices,” claiming to break down the boundaries between digital devices.

Huawei stated that developers only need to develop and maintain one version, allowing screens of different sizes and device types in the Huawei ecosystem to achieve consistent UI/UX experiences. At the conference, Huawei demonstrated third-party applications such as Taobao, Bitauto, BabyBus, and Bilibili, and a single Huawei account can be used to access all applications.

Huawei also demonstrated the “Application Continuity” feature of HarmonyOS NEXT, claiming that a DingTalk meeting initiated on a tablet can be switched to a phone with one click, the navigation of AutoNavi Maps on a phone can be transferred to the vehicle’s central control with one click, and WPS image cropping can be moved to a tablet with one click, providing a “device-like experience.”

In addition, Huawei mentioned the cross-device creation experience of HarmonyOS. Taking the “Xiaohongshu” App as an example, when users post a blog, the application will automatically recommend photos associated with the user, and also supports direct selection of photos from the phone platform when posting on a tablet.