Huawei: HarmonyOS Kernel Surpasses Linux Kernel, Operating System No Longer Dominated by Europe and the US

At the Huawei Developer Conference 2024 held today, Huawei’s Consumer BG Software Department President Gong Ti delivered a speech. He stated that, traditionally, operating system software has been dominated by Europe and the US. However, HarmonyOS has undergone a comprehensive transformation, achieving in 10 years what took Europe and the US 30 years. He mentioned that the HarmonyOS kernel surpasses the Linux kernel, offering greater security and smoothness, with a performance improvement of 10.7% in comparison.

According to the introduction, Huawei’s HarmonyOS NEXT can achieve a 30% increase in overall device performance (Huawei’s goal is to further improve by 20-30% annually) and a 20% reduction in power consumption, surpassing the upgrade of two generations of chip manufacturing processes.