Huawei executives commented on the value of open source HarmonyOS: it still has its own operating system despite the continuous suppression of foreign countries

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Fast Technology reported on April 28 that Liu Xiaojian, vice president of Huawei’s terminal BG software department, delivered a keynote speech at the recent 8th Shandong Software Ecology Conference – OpenHarmony City Conference.

Liu Xiaojian said: “The core of our own operating system and open source is to solve two problems: one is the problem of continuity, and the other is the problem of advancement. ”

Liu Xiaojian believes that the so-called continuity refers to the fact that when we are “stuck” by foreign suppression, we still have our own operating system to use and will not fall.

Advancement means that we must not only have our own operating system, but also have a next-generation, more advanced, more competitive, and better operating system, which is the true value of OpenHarmony open source.

“If it’s just a problem of whether there is or isn’t, there are many ways to do it, but it’s not easy to do it well. Liu Xiaojian said.

Finally, Liu Xiaojian said that the OpenHarmony ecosystem continues to prosper, and he looks forward to working with more partners to build the root community of the next generation of intelligent terminal operating systems in the future.

Original Written Source: News MyDrivers (China)