Huawei Executive Director Wang Tao: The Combination of 5G-A and AI is Expected to Bring Three Changes, Predicting AI Phones to Account for 90% by 2030

The 2024 MWC Shanghai event will take place from June 26th to 28th. Huawei took this opportunity to hold a global 5G-A commercial pilot program launch conference and a summit on the high-quality development of mobile video in the era of China’s AI, enjoying high-definition content.

At the global 5G-A commercial pilot program launch conference, Wang Tao, Executive Director of Huawei and Director of the ICT Infrastructure Business Management Committee, stated that the combination of 5G-A and AI has the potential to bring about three changes that will accelerate the growth of traffic, including changes in content generation, interaction methods, and mobile terminal changes. In terms of mobile terminals, he believes that the shipment share of AI phones this year is 11%, and it is expected to reach 90% by 2030.

At the 3GPP RAN (Radio Access Network Project) 104th meeting held in Shanghai on June 18th, the 3GPP Release18 standard was officially frozen.

The R18 standard, which took more than three years from project establishment to freezing, is the first version of 5G-Advanced, carrying the industry’s expectations for expanding scenarios, tapping potential, and exploring directions. The freezing of the R18 standard also means the official opening of the commercial landscape for 5G-A technology.

Han Juk, Vice President of the China Communications Industry Association, said: “After the standard is frozen, all parties can develop commercial applications based on this unified standard, promote the development of related industrial chains, and add momentum to the high-quality development of China’s digital economy.” At the same time, various sectors of the industry are also accelerating their layout. Many listed companies have recently spoken frequently around 5G-A, striving to compete in the market with innovative technologies and products.