Huawei Executive Director Wang Tao: Over 30 Mobile Phones and CPEs to Fully Support 5G-A This Year

The 2024 MWC Shanghai Communications Exhibition opened today, with Huawei Executive Director and Chairman of the ICT Infrastructure Business Management Committee, Wang Tao, attending and delivering a speech. He stated, “Currently, over 60 operators and partners have announced the arrival of the 5G-A Commercial Launch Year, and 5G terminals are also ready. This year, more than 30 mobile phones and CPEs will fully support 5G-A, all of which will continue to drive the digital wave forward.”

5G is the fastest-growing generation of mobile communication technology globally, and the first standard version of 5G-A, 3GPP Rel-18, was officially frozen on June 18 this year. This marks a milestone event in the development of the 5G industry, signifying that 2024 will be the commercial launch year for 5G-A.

On June 25, Huawei jointly launched the 5G-A commercial pilot plan with 5G-A operators. Wang Tao expressed: 5G-A is a certain industrial path. On one hand, it can protect existing investments, and on the other hand, it can bring new business opportunities and expand the commercial boundary. Facing 2030, the entire industry needs to continuously promote the enhancement of 5G-A technology, advance the healthy development of the 5G industry, and enable 5G to have a more enduring vitality, fully realizing the vision of 5G transforming society.

Regarding AI, Wang Tao pointed out, “In 2024, the commercial launch year of 5G-A and the entry of AI into terminals will collide, opening up the era of mobile AI and enabling intelligent services to be ubiquitous.”

Facing the vast opportunities of the mobile AI era, Wang Tao believes that 5G-A is a crucial pillar of the mobile AI era, and the industry needs to accelerate the development of 5G-A from both the “Network for AI” and “AI for Network” dimensions.