Huawei Announces Unlimited Open Upgrade to HarmonyOS 4.2 Official Version for 7 nova and Enjoy Series Models

Huawei officially announced today that it is rolling out the HarmonyOS update to seven models without any limits: the nova 11 SE, nova 10 SE, nova 10 Youth Edition, nova9 SE, Enjoy 60 Pro, Enjoy 60X, and Enjoy 50 Pro.

Update Method: “Settings – System & Updates – Software Update – Check for Updates” or “My Huawei App – Home – Upgrade Early Access – (Official Version) Go to Upgrade”.

Here at IT Home, we’ll use the nova 11 SE as an example. Huawei has begun pushing the latest HarmonyOS 4.2 official version update to users on version in batches.

Version Update Log → Update Points


  • Added Geometric Party theme, choose different triangular geometric images to create a combination array, follow the click gesture to roll up or down on the lock screen to start the party
  • Added Geometric Sticker theme, stack triangular geometric images or colorful stickers into a personalized theme, stickers can interact with the click gesture on the lock screen, cute and fun
  • Added Mood Party theme, choose various cute expressions, combine them into rich personalized themes through multiple layout methods, bringing more interesting interactive experiences
  • Added Mood Sticker theme, use rich popular expressions and over 1500 mood expressions to create ever-changing interactive themes, making the lock screen fun and playful


  • Polished operation details in more scenarios, making visual animations and prompts more refined and accurate


  • Improved user experience in various scenarios such as application startup, task switching, and swipe operations
  • Added a WLAN network auto-connect switch, which can control whether to automatically connect to previously connected WLAN networks (Settings method: Long press network name > Modify network > Auto-connect)


  • By controlling the application’s access to device orientation permissions, intercepting “shake-to-jump” ads within applications, providing a cleaner application usage experience (Control method: Settings > Privacy > Permission Management > Application Access to Device Orientation)
  • Established a cloud-end collaboration mechanism to more accurately and quickly control malicious applications
  • Added an anti-false alarm mechanism for virus and risky applications, intelligently identifying viruses and risky applications, making HarmonyOS cleaner and safer
  • Controlled notification sending permissions for newly installed third-party applications, effectively simplifying notification messages, making life easier


  • “Huawei Reading” service has been upgraded, providing high-quality reading experiences such as millions of good books, AI emotional reading, and cross-device flow based on HarmonyOS features