Huawei Announces Participation in 2024 MWC Shanghai on June 26, Official “5GA” Network Logo Exposed

The 2024 GSMA Mobile World Congress Shanghai (MWC Shanghai) will be held from June 26 to 28 at the Shanghai New International Expo Centre (SNIEC), and Huawei has confirmed its participation.

Leaked 5GA Network Logo

In the promotional video released by Huawei, the Huawei “5GA” (commonly known as 5.5G) network logo has already appeared at the 19-second mark in the video. This indicates that Huawei phones (the Pura70 series is shown in the video, and there are rumors that the Pura 70 series may be the first to support 5GA) are now ready for the next generation of 5G networks.

About 5GA

5G-A, short for 5G-Advanced, also known as 5.5G, is the technical evolution of 5G. It features higher speeds, larger connections, lower latency, integrated communication and sensing, intelligent computing, and integrated space and ground capabilities, greatly enriching personal and industry applications.

5G-A is the evolutionary technology from 5G to 6G, offering superior network performance compared to 5G, with theoretical peak rates reaching 10G. It has millisecond-level latency and centimeter-level positioning accuracy, and introduces integrated communication and sensing, artificial intelligence, and other technologies, better matching applications such as vehicle networking, high-end manufacturing, and full-scenario sensing.