Huawei and Hanyi Jointly Launch HarmonyOS Symbol Font: Over 1500 Vector Icons, Variable Thickness, Layered Definition

Hanyi Typeface and Huawei’s Consumer BG Software UX Design Department have jointly designed and launched HarmonyOS Symbol, which is the first time in China to encapsulate and use symbol resources in the form of a font library.

According to the introduction, HarmonyOS Symbol provides over 1500 vector icons that remain clear at any size and resolution.

HarmonyOS Symbol can be seamlessly integrated with the HarmonyOS Sans font and supports variable font features: when users adjust the font thickness, the thickness and weight of the HarmonyOS Symbol icons change synchronously.

HarmonyOS Symbol adopts a layered structure, allowing each layer of the icon to be independently set with color and grayscale, and supports detailed adjustments to individual icons.

HarmonyOS Symbol supports 7 dynamic effects, including preset animations such as disappearance, appearance, and bouncing, as well as various original animations. Developers can match these animations with user operations (such as clicks, long presses, inputs, and data transmissions), making the icons interactive components.