HiSilicon Unveils W610 OpenHarmony Smart Wearable Solution with Video Playback and App Store Support

HiSilicon Technologies Co., Ltd. has announced the launch of the W610 OpenHarmony Smart Wearable Solution (referred to as HiSilicon W610), which has recently been successfully commercialized by Shenzhen Lingwei Innovation Technology Co., Ltd. (referred to as Lingwei) and is set to hit the market before the 618 shopping festival.

LQ06、LQ09 LQ06, LQ09 Smart Watched powered by Hisilicon Chip & Openharmony

The HiSilicon W610 smart wearable solution is based on a quad-core architecture featuring dual CPUs, a GPU, and a DSP, with 26Mb+128Mb of storage. It boasts GPU technology that supports AMOLED displays with 16.7 million colors and MIPI 60-frame operation, along with capabilities for Gaussian blur, infinite second hand, vector text, vector maps, and Bezier curves.

The solution also pioneers support for low-latency video decoding and playback (500×500 at 30fps), as well as playback of eight audio formats, and features such as 3D interactive watch faces, local music playback, and fitness video workouts.

In terms of connectivity, the HiSilicon W610 supports a 14dBm transmit power and a -97dBm receive sensitivity; paired with HiSilicon’s GNSS solution, it supports joint positioning from five constellations (Beidou 3rd generation, GPS, GLONASS, GALILEO, QZSS), utilizing big data-based AI anti-multipath and adaptive algorithms to achieve low-power, high-precision positioning. The HiSilicon W610 offers expandability options, including external CAT1, Wi-Fi, NFC, and more.

The HiSilicon W610 solution supports long-distance voice pickup from 1 meter away, echo cancellation, and intelligent noise reduction; it also features built-in AI processing capabilities, allowing for offline voice recognition and control. Its AI wind noise reduction algorithm, trained on neural networks, can withstand wind noise up to level 4.

HiSilicon W610 is touted as the industry’s earliest wearable development platform to support OpenHarmony, featuring a Native+JS dual-engine architecture that enables the installation, upgrading, and removal of applications.

Several models of Lingwei’s LQ series smartwatches have recently passed the OpenHarmony XTS certification, supporting applications such as payment, transit, navigation, and large models. After purchasing the watches, consumers can continuously download, install, upgrade, and uninstall applications from the app store. However, Specific information on the watches’ market release is yet to be found.

LQ series Smart Watched has passed Openharmony XTS certifications.

source: IThome