HIMA Stelato S9 Sedan Interior Unveiled: Debut of Galaxy Painting and Zero-Gravity Seats in Rear of Sedan

Richard Yu(Chengdong), Chairman of Huawei’s Intelligent Automotive Solutions BU, revealed the interior details of the Stelato S9 Sedan on Weibo, claiming that “every detail offers a national-level luxurious and comfortable experience that surpasses that of luxury cars.”

Yu stated: “As a panoramic smart flagship sedan, the Stelato S9 inherits the upright structure of the ‘9 Series flagship’, showcasing a new Cosmos Cabin, debuting the Galaxy Painting, paired with dazzling crystal designs, allowing ultimate aesthetics to coexist harmoniously with smart technology.”

In terms of seating experience, Yu mentioned that the Stelato S9 debuts zero-gravity seats in the rear of a sedan, equipped with a “president-level” armrest screen.

Yu also mentioned that the Stelato S9 showcar will soon be in stores. According to previous information, the new S9 is expected to be priced between 450,000 to 550,000 RMB($66000 – $78000), with the official launch event anticipated to take place in early August in Beijing.

The car measures 5160mm in length, 1987mm in width, 1486mm in height, with a wheelbase of 3050mm, targeting the interior space of D-class luxury sedans like the Mercedes-Benz S-Class long wheelbase and BMW 7 Series long wheelbase. Additionally, the car will boast the lowest drag coefficient of any globally produced executive luxury sedan, though the specific data will be revealed at the launch event. The Stelato S9 will also be equipped with the new “Tuling” platform, debuting Huawei’s ADS 3.0 intelligent driving system.